b'CONSISTENT CLIMATE PROTECTIONPORSCHE DOESNT DOA round 85% of a Porsche is recyclable.Porsche Impact is an initiative that determinesReassuring to know. Even as a sportsthe CO emissions of vehicles and compensates car fan, you would rather not imagineby investing in certified projects. For air and rail how the automotive beauties aretravellers, such compensation programmes have THINGS HALF WAY. THISdismantled into their individual parts. It\'s goodbeen common for a while. Now, its time for sports that it\'s not often necessary to recycle aPorschecar fans to work on their ecological tire tracks.IS WHY THE COMPANY ISin any case. After all, 70% of all Porsche cars ever built are still where they belong today: on the road.On the Porsche Impact homepage, Porsche NOT JUST A BIT INVOLVEDdrivers can use the annual mileage of their sports However, the commitment of Porsche to climatecar to determine their CO output with just one IN CLIMATE PROTECTION,protection is far from being exhausted with theclick. From this, the site calculates the financial construction of more efficient and now also all- contribution with which the user can supportBUT HAS SET ITSELF ANelectric sports cars. Moreover, the company has aa climate project so as to neutralise their ownresponsible approach to people, the environmentCO emissions. The contribution varies depending AMBITIOUS GOAL:and societyalong the entire value chain. Fromon which project the user wants to support. The the suppliers to the aforementioned recycling ofmeasures focus on developing water and solarPORSCHE WANTS TO BEthe products, measures are taken throughout energy and protecting forests and biodiversity.the entire life cycle of a sports car to increase These are located in the USA, Mexico, Vietnam THE MOST SUSTAINABLEthe economic and social added value. The cross- and Zimbabwein other words, regions wheresectional issue of sustainability is thereforeit is possible to make a particularly effective SPORTS CARanchored in all areas of the company. From thecontribution to environmental and climate use of natural energy in production to climate- protection. MANUFACTURER IN THEneutral logistics on rails. Our goal is not only to PREMIUM SEGMENT.produce an emission-free car CO-neutrally, butT he certified projects are run in also to leave no ecological footprint behind. Wecooperation with South Pole, one of the are therefore pursuing the vision of a \'Zero Impactleading providers of global solutions for IT\'S WELL UNDER WAY. Factory\'", explains Albrecht Reimold, Member offinancing sustainability. For more thanthe Executive Board for Production and Logisticsa decade, South Pole has worked with a variety of atPorsche. WithPorsche impact, emissions public and private organisations to accelerate the that cannot yet be avoided have been offsettransition to a climate-friendly society. South Pole since 2018. has already been able to mobilise climate financingfor over 700 projects in the areas of emissions reduction, renewable energies, energy efficiency and sustainable land use. 30'