b'Just scan the QR code and discover more on the website.Porsche, of course, also uses the offer. Since theend of 2018, the CO emissions of the entire vehicle fleet have been CO-neutralisedthats almost 6,100 vehicles. Including thePorsche motorsport vehicles. THE NEW 911 SPEEDSTER C ustomers in Germany, Great Britain,[WITH ANNUAL MILEAGE OF 15,000KM] Poland and the USA can already use Porsche Impact as a pilot project. InEmissions: 4.8 tonnes of CO future, the possibility of compensation is to be extended to other markets. The link to it is: RECOMMENDED COMPENSATION AMOUNT:Porsche.de/impactBiodiversity: 81.60Solar: 72.00 Water: 52.80 Forest protection: 120.00NEW. 911 SpeedsterLimited Edition. Limited to 300 pieces. In Guards red. Interior in black.Made of resin. Scale 1 : 12. WAP023 190 0K The detailed miniatures of the new 911 Speedster are available in various scales in sporty Guards Red and in the exclusive Heritage Design Package in GT Silver Metallic. 30 31'