b"START FROM ZERONOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR FORMULA E. THAT'S WHY PORSCHEAS SO OFTEN BEFORESETS EVERYTHING BACK TO THE STARTAND TAKES ON THE CHALLENGE WITH THE FIRST ALL-ELECTRICPORSCHE RACE CAR. WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY. AND WITH THE WELL-KNOWN TEAM SPIRIT OF THEPORSCHE MOTORSPORT FAMILY.Exciting times lie ahead ofPorsche in Formula E. Because this is where the so-called Battle of Technology meets its new and most demanding challenge. With the first car in the Full Electric Street Racing, Porsche takes another first step in the eternal mission: to build the sports car of the future. And this despite the fact that Formula E race cars can only be distinguished at first glance by their paintwork. Because the all-electric racing series relies on a standard chassis that all teams have to use. With the start of the 2018/19 season, the FE18 Spark Racing Technology, betterknown under the name Gen2, replaced theSport SRT_01E used in previous years. The useof the standard chassis provides additional high voltage because it makes the skill of the drivers the decisive factor in the competition for victory or defeat. But thePorsche engineers can also play to their strengths in Formula E. Even if the chassis is already set: the drivetrain, cooling system and rear-axle suspension are true Porsche originals.ThePorsche drivers and their teams can look forward In qualifying mode, it is 259kW [340PS] and during the to a tool with impressive performance data: the race carrace it is 200kW [272PS]. The attack mode increases accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds. Thethe power output to 225kW [306PS]. In order to maximum speed is 240km/h/52kWh. The battery is activate the 25kW of additional power for four minutes, a lithium-ion accumulator with a capacity of 54kWh anda certain zone off the racing line must be crossed. The a voltage of 900V. The maximum power output of thefanboost provided to the driver with the most online Formula E car varies. votes temporarily increases performance to 250kW [340PS]. This makes one thing very clear: in Formula E, innovative technology meets maximum excitement.32 33"