b"E? STANDS FOR BIG EMOTIONS.AS THE MOST INNOVATIVE MOTORSPORT SERIES, FORMULA E OFFERS EXACTLY THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT FORPORSCHETO PROVE ITSELF ONCE AGAIN. THE NEW FANWEAR FROMDRIVERS SELECTION IS, OF COURSE, ALONG FOR THE PORSCHERIDE. BEFORE THINGS GET SERIOUS IN DECEMBER 2019, WE TAKE A LOOK AT THE FIRST TRACKS AND UNDERGO A CRASH COURSE IN TERMS OF REGULATIONS. ULTIMATELY, WE WANT TO SUPPORT OUR TEAM AS BEST WE CAN BECAUSE WHETHER PETROL OR E-PERFORMANCE, MOTORSPORT IS AND REMAINSA TEAM SPORT.NEW. Men's sweat jacketMotorsport Fanwear. Sweat jacket with PORSCHE MOTORSPORT signet.With two side slip pockets, tonalPORSCHE logo on the shoulder yoke and button withPORSCHE logoon the upper arm. 70% cotton, 30% polyester. In black. WAP814 00S-3XL 0L FMS NEW. Men's T-shirtMotorsport Fanwear. For product details see page 53. WAP807 00S-3XL 0L FMS NEW. Sports bagMotorsport Fanwear. Sports bag with large main and separate shoe compartment. With padded shoulder strap. WithPORSCHE MOTORSPORT signet. 100% polyester. In black. WAP035 002 0L FMS 46 47"