b'PORSCHE IS A DREAM COME TRUE FOR MEALEJANDRO TARIK AGAG LONGO [BORN 1970] STUDIED BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND SAT IN THE EU PARLIAMENT FOR THE SPANISH PARTIDO POPULAR. HIS PASSION FOR MOTORSPORT ULTIMATELY LED HIM TO FORMULA 1. IN 2011, HE FOUNDED FORMULA E HOLDINGS LTD AND IS STILL ITS CEO TODAY.IN 2014, ALEJANDRO AGAG FOUNDED THE FIRST GLOBAL RACING SERIES FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES.THE SPANIARD SEES FORMULA E AS THE FUTURE TOP TIER OF MOTORSPORT. HE EXPLAINS WHY IN AN INTERVIEW WITH THEPORSCHE CUSTOMER MAGAZINE, CHRISTOPHORUS.You established a new motorsport series with the FIA Formula EAside from electric drive in the cars, what differentiates Formula E Championship. Now Formula E is booming. How did you accomplishfrom other motorsport series?this?We drive on city circuits, which is quite different from traditional It was a great idea and the timing was right. In the beginning, motorsport events. At the same time, we want to bring electromobility many people expected us to fail, and it nearly turned out that way.closer to the public. We achieve that not only through the actionBut more and more companies joined us as time went by on the track but also with our E-Village gathering place next to the manufacturers, suppliers, additional partners. Now, Formula E track, which informs visitors about electromobility at each race.is a brilliant success and everyone wants to be part of it.How do you see the future of motorsport?What will change with the entrance of Porsche and other automotive manufacturers over the next two seasons? It has to surmount some major challenges, because its target group has fundamentally changed. Heres an example: as a child I hadThe level will rise. We want to offer the manufacturers a platform a dream car card game that I played with my friends. We were to market their electric vehicles. Having Porsche join in the 2019/20absolutely crazy about it. Today, kids are crazy about smartphones, season, above all, is a dream come true for me. When this brand, tablets, and video games. Motorsport has to respond to that.with its unparalleled racing history, announced its involvement in We just recently unveiled an app, for example, that enables playersFormula E, it was an overwhelming moment for all of us. to compete live against a driver during a Formula E race. Players can virtually take part in the race themselves. In Formula E, we think Are you excited about the Taycan, the first purely electricallyoutside the established patterns. Many of our employees are young powered sports car from Zuffenhausen? and bring a lot of fresh ideas to the table.I own a few electric vehicles already, but now Im eagerly awaiting the Porsche Taycan. The first time I saw the concept car, I immediatelypre-ordered one in Zuffenhausen.* Text first published inPorsche customer magazine Christophorus no. 388.Author: Lena Siep.61'