b'For sports car fans who want to be inspired by the spectrum of enthusiasm on the road, the Porsche Calendar is available as a practical app with various calendar functions. Under Porsche Calendar, you will find the easy-to-use app in selected countries in the Apple App Store and GOOGLE Play Store. Whether its the 911, 718 or the new Taycan, onthe road or on the race track: aPorsche is alwayseye-catching. The unmistakable silhouette and harmonious curves make a promise to sports car fans. A promise of reliable performance, intelligent technology andabove allpure adrenaline.No wonder that the annual wall calendar fromPorsche has since become a real institution amonghorsepower enthusiasts. Also in 2020, fans ofthe fast beauties from Zuffenhausen will not be disappointed. Under the motto Spectrum the new calendar will make the 366 days of the coming leap year shine in the colours of automotive enthusiasm. The 13 specially photographed motifs show the current models of thePorsche model series in modern, graphic backdrops. The most important thing: pictorial elements in the paint colours ofthe vehicles were incorporated into the puristic backgrounds. The moods of the artificial stagings reflect the individual character of the vehicles and show how multifaceted sports car fascination can be.Panamera GTS Sport Turismo fuel consumption [in l/100km] urban 14.6extra urban 8.2combined 10.6; CO emissions combined 242g/km Cayenne Turbo Coup fuel consumption [in l/100km] urban 15.314.8extra urban 9.49.0combined 11.411.3; CO emissions combined 261258g/km 68 69'