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For model year 1974, the body design of the Porsche 911 was comprehensively redesigned for the first time. In addition to a Coupé and a Targa version, a Cabriolet was also available as of model year 1983.

The most striking feature of this 911 generation is the raised bumper design with black plastic bellows. Between the tail lights of the G models is a red panel and a Porsche logo that is red or black, depending on the model year. The rear number plate is flanked by two large rubber buffers with integrated number plate lighting.

The raised bumpers with bellows of the G models were the result of more stringent approval regulations in the USA. With the introduction of these regulations, bumpers had to be able to absorb impacts as a result of hitting a fixed obstacle at speeds of up to 5 mph (8 km/h) without damage to the body. To meet this requirement, vehicles for the US market had the bumpers connected to the body using hydraulic impact absorbers.

For models not intended for the US market, more cost-effective impact pipes were installed instead of these hydraulic impact absorbers. These had to be replaced after a rear-end collision. However, the impact absorbers could be ordered as optional equipment.

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Porsche Classic Car Care Set

This 17-piece Porsche Classic Care Car Set is the best way to give your vehicle the kind of care and attention worthy of a Porsche.
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Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System

The device fits seamlessly in the dashboard, with two different knob designs to suit vintage vehicle designs. The operating logic itself is based on the current Porsche Communication Management (PCM) and its userfriendliness is evident when using the 3.5-inch touchscreen.
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Official Certificate of Authenticity

Get your Porsche authenticated by bringing it into any Porsche Centre for an inspection. If successful, you’ll receive an official Certificate of Authenticity – a great addition to your trophy case!
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